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Data Fusion – Eddy Current and Camera images

Data Fusion – Eddy Current and Camera images

AMiquam to release a new method leveraging multi-sensor data.

AMiquam releases a new Data Fusion solution for metal AM, merging AMiquam electromagnetic imaging and off-axis optical imaging (present in every machine). Combining ground truth and coverage, a new dimension for quality management of the metal AM process. Ready to create machine learning data sets for AI with your data, improving compliance and simplifying qualification. Many thanks to our partner Eric Baustert from Volum-e for letting us share the data.

Optical-based systems

Insitu images of EOS M290 camera are collected for each layers before and after the powder deposition. These images can provide a lot of information on the powder deposition, spatters and also dimensional information on the melted parts.

The images represent the build plane (XY plane).


Eddy current sensors

Eddy current images are constructed from EC inline sensors placed on the recoater. They deliver essential information on the melted parts, the porosity and the dimension of the printed parts. Moreover, the EC sensors represent a standard method to measure AM parts.

The images represent the side-view of the fabrication (XZ plane).


The fusion of Eddy Current (EC) data and optical based data combines the advantages of both methods, extending the build-plate covering and extending the search for subsurface defects. A powerful diagnostic tool to check the quality of the parts and produce certifications.