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Releasing installation kits for in-situ monitoring in SLM Solutions machines

We just finalised the AMiquam integration kit for SLM Solutions 125 and 280 machines, to be delivered to our customer at the occasion of Formnext 2022. The smart design enables a precise positioning of the probes while making sure that the system has no detrimental impact on the machine performance.

GFMS to present AMiquam technology into the DMP Flex 350

GFMS just announced that AMiquam in-situ quality control technology will be presented in a DMP Flex 350 machine at Formnext 22 to start tomorrow. More details in the press release published today. We are proud to celebrate this big step towards AM machines that will fabricate and certify parts at once, saving huge postprocessing costs…
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REN400: One more machine instrumented

A Renishaw machine has been instrumented in collaboration with IDEKO. Opportunity for this organisation to validate the system in the frame of demanding fabrications in stainless steel. Various defects have been designed. All of them have been detected by the system.

Good bye and thank you, Pulsate !

Gathering in Vigo at the AIMEN center for Laser Applications to present the results of the Pulsate projects. Great times sharing about the projects with our European colleagues involved in laser applications for manufacturing. Many thanks to the Pulsate team !

New paper published in ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING

A paper by the AMiquam – ETHZ – inspire consortium has been published today in ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING about in-situ monitoring of powder bed fusion of metals using eddy current testing. This paper provides new insights into the layer by layer variations of key process and part quality variables that are now accessible in-situ using electromagnetic…
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AMiquam to present its latest technology at FORMNEXT

We will be at FORMNEXT in two weeks presenting our latest technologies in partnerhisp with our partner. You will have the chance to see the monitoring module integrated into a high end LPBF machine. Contact us for more information.

New joint project with CEA supported by integradde

AMiquam is just starting a new project aimed at integrating compliant control tools in Direct Energy Deposition for industrial application in the heavy metal industry. The project is supported by INTEGRADDE, the EU consortium aimed at developing novel end-to-end solutions using Directed Energy Deposition (DED) processes for the manufacturing of certified large metal components in…
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Article about the inspire/AMiquam results

The Swiss machine professional magazine recently published a paper about our results, check that out (in German).

Eddy Current data collected on stainless steel samples

Data collected with the AMiquam W1 device by our partners IDEKO and Mizar, with the support of the Pulsate project. An image is worth a thousand words.

AMiquam: A precise tool for in-situ metrology in metal AM machines

Our partner inspire/ETHZ just completed a validation for the application of the AMiquam in-situ inspection tool to measure wall thicknesses during AM LPBF process. Outstanding results: a resolution of 10um or better for the wall thickness measurement can be achieved layer-by-layer, during the process. Great news for service providers who struggle to optimise their parameters…
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