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Article about the inspire/AMiquam results

The Swiss machine professional magazine recently published a paper about our results, check that out (in German).

Eddy Current data collected on stainless steel samples

Data collected with the AMiquam W1 device by our partners IDEKO and Mizar, with the support of the Pulsate project. An image is worth a thousand words.

AMiquam: A precise tool for in-situ metrology in metal AM machines

Our partner inspire/ETHZ just completed a validation for the application of the AMiquam in-situ inspection tool to measure wall thicknesses during AM LPBF process. Outstanding results: a resolution of 10um or better for the wall thickness measurement can be achieved layer-by-layer, during the process. Great news for service providers who struggle to optimise their parameters…
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AMiquam results presented at the ASTM – NASA specialty workshop

Thanks to Ben Dutton from The MTC and a world expert in the NDT for AM parts, our latest results have been presented at the ASTM NASA specialty workshop on NDT for AM. This event was followed by a meeting of the Materials Data and Standardization AM Consortium of ASTM to review current project activities…
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Innosuisse project awarded to AMiquam, inspire/ETHZ, and HESSO

Glad to share that a new innosuisse project has been awarded to continue the development of AMiquam technology. In this project, we will focus on the correlations between defects detected by CT scan and electromagnetic technique. We will apply the results to the in situ inspection of additive manufactured parts with geometries relevant for the…
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AMiquam invited to the ICAM22 conference co-organised by ESA and NASA

We had the chance to present our results this month at the first ICAM22 co-organised by ESA and NASA. The “CT, MDI and Residual stress applied to AM” session gave us the opportunity to exchange with NASA and VTT scientists. It was very rewarding for us to see how much our efforts are aligned with…
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AMiquam W1 product compliant with ATEX requirements for LPBF applications

When working with conducting powders (Al, Ti), there is a risk of explosion if certain conditions of temperature, oxygen content, and powder distribution are met within the LPBF build chamber. ATEX equipment specifically designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres minimizes this risk and enables you to ensure compliance with the EHS requirements. We are glad to share…
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Release of new software: monitoring parts during fabrication and delivering status report

We just released our latest software delivering a layer-by-layer status about the quality of selected parts over the build plate. The data are compatible with machine logs and can be aggretated with other data (such as O2 content, temperature, etc..) to feed MES and machine connectivity systems. Contrarily to other monitoring solutions, we can trace…
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AMiquam-ETHZ-inspire paper published

In a joint paper published in August 2021 in Metals with our partners from ETHZ-inspire, we show that Eddy Currents are sensitive to minute variations (0.1%) of the porosity of LPBF samples. This confirms that our products can be used to monitor the LPBF process with a focus on the quality of the manufactured material.…
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Pulsate grant awarded to AMiquam

Very pleased to announce that AMiquam has received a grant from Pulsate for a joint project with IDEKO and MIZAR, see here PULSATE Community. After only 9 months of activity, AMiquam is obtaining a significant recognition from the additive manufacturing community. Together with 4 pilot projects completed, an important milestone has been reached end of…
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