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ASTM E3166 standard on the NDT of metal AM components

ASTM E3166 standard on the NDT of metal AM components

In February 2020, ASTM has issued an important standard on the NDT of metal AM parts. In a summary table, the ASTM relates the possible defects found in metal AM parts to the appropriate NDT technique to detect them.

We are pleased that the ASTM recognises that most of the defects can be detected by the Eddy Current technique. An important note to be added: when the Eddy Current device is integrated in the machine, the applicability of the technique is extended as defects are located, at one point or the other of the process, close to the surface.

In addition, an Eddy Current sensor that is accurately moved over the parts can perfectly be used to detect dimensional defects (in the plane and perpendicular to it) as electromagnetic proximity sensors do. Also, we emphasize that the Eddy Currents are also sensitive to the porosity, by means of a variation of electrical conductivity, which is the topic of another ASTM standard (E1004-17).

All in all, an Eddy Current sensor integrated into your machine can address most of the possible defects ! More details about the ASTM E3166 standard here.