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AMiquam mentioned in an important report about AM in aviation

AMiquam mentioned in an important report about AM in aviation

AMiquam solutions are recognised as a possible route to strengthen certification of part using in situ inspections.

“At the recently held conference in Cologne, Germany, the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) spoke about AMiquam, a company that is using eddy-current technology to monitor on each layer a depth of about 0.5 mm based on electromagnetic signals. This approach allows for inspectors to explore the electromagnetics sensors data to evaluate if the parts are correct, selecting regions of interest and calculating statistics.”

Donald Godfrey (Nikon SLM Solutions) & Fernando Lartategui Atela (ITP Aero)

The magazine for Metal Additive Manufacturing
Vol. 9 N° 4 Winter 2023
Published by Inovar Communications Ltd

Eddy Current for insitu monitoring, which TRL ? 


While the Metal AM Winter 2023 refer to a TRL 4-5 for Eddy Current taking only into account the academic work, AMiquam company recently achieved the TRL7 by delivering EC sensors used in production environment to provide general quality metrics. The good results of the signal analysis and the introduction of the new acquisition and visualization software helped to go from TRL5 to TRL7 from early 2022 to winter 2023. For more information on the technology readiness of insitu monitoring systems, the Strategic Guide from ASTM is recommanded.

The EC system is currently tested to detect defects in addition to ex-situ inspection. This TRL8 is planned for 2025. 



TRL position outlook. Improvements from Metal AM, Vol. 9 N°4, Winter 2023

Insitu Technology Readiness Strategic Guide
ASTM International